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At Susan Ellison Dentistry & Cosmetics, we’re proud to provide all of your oral health needs in one convenient location. We actually have TWO convenient locations to better serve our family of patients. There’s no need to find a specialist, Dr. Ellison has completed extensive advanced training at some of the most prestigious dental organizations in the country, and is happy to bring her knowledge and expertise back home to our family of patients in Houston. We take pride in our dedication to continuing education and our investment in the latest technology to bring our patients the best solutions available. We work hard to keep your smile healthy and beautiful for life.

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Comprehensive Services

Whether you’re looking for a simple cosmetic treatment to improve the look of your smile, or you need a skilled and compassionate dentist to replace missing teeth with dental implants or rebuild your mouth with a full mouth reconstruction, you’ve come to the right place. We use only the most advanced technology that makes treatments faster and more comfortable, with better results than ever before.


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Emergency Dentistry

At Susan Ellison Dentistry & Cosmetics, we understand dental injuries can be quite traumatic. Oral injuries tend to bleed a lot, and when blood mixes with saliva, it can make the injury seem much worse than it actually is. You should always rinse out your mouth in order to assess the injury properly. If you or someone you know has experienced a traumatic dental injury, don’t panic. Dr. Ellison and our team are on call 24/7 in the case of emergencies and make room in our schedule every day to accommodate emergency appointments. We’re here for you when you need us. If you’ve had a tooth knocked out, here’s some helpful advice from the American Association of Endodontists on what to do until you can get in to see your Houston emergency dentist.

Unless a life is in danger, you should not go to the emergency room for dental injuries. The ER is not trained or equipped to handle dental injuries, and most likely you will have to wait a long time only to be told to call a dentist, by which time it may be too late to save your smile. Dental injuries are highly time sensitive. Skip the ER waiting room, and the hefty hospital bill, and call us first. Your smile will thank you.

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If you have any questions about our services or would like to schedule a visit with your Houston dentist, Dr. Susan Ellison at Susan Ellison Dentistry & Cosmetics, give us a call today or schedule a visit online! We have two convenient locations to serve you!

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